At AffiliDuo.com, I’ve made every effort to present accurate information on my website; however, I am not responsible for any of the results you experience with your income as a result of applying the material presented by AffiliDuo.

I do not guarantee you will earn a specific income if you apply my strategies to your websites and/or online business and I am not responsible for the actions you take.
Your success and the results you achieve from using the products and services is dependent on the time and effort you invest in applying the strategies, the techniques you used, your personal finances and your specific knowledge and skills.

Since each individual is different and brings with them a unique set of factors, I therefore cannot guarantee or promise any level of success.

My communication on the results you could potentially receive by using any of the products are my opinions of the results people may achieve. But, I cannot guarantee that your actual results will be typical of the representation I offer on my website.

Some people will not use any of the strategies I teach after purchasing products and services and therefore can expect to receive no results at all.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I’ve dedicated to be as transparent as I can, to reveal my knowledge. The affiliate disclaimer page says I’ve included several products or services on my website, meaning, I will earn an affiliate commission for any refer when you will make a purchase. If you understood that, you have to know this is how I teach to use it on your website too.

There are a lot of products and services in the online web but understand this, I’m promoting only the ones I’ve explored and use by myself, those companies didn’t give me a free product in exchange promoting them on my site.

While I’m not the owner of the products or service I promote. I am willing to help to anyone who has an issue.

After being said, if you still have a question or something you would like to discuss, don’t spare it from me and send me a message in the contact form, I would like to answer any question you have or to discuss with you.

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